Zaurak Enterprises

Zaurak Group's are Developed Products Adapted to these Very Demanding experts who expect the Best Products,In order for them to achieve the Best Performance in a Short Time.


Our company placed at Kumily, Idukki. it's a Transparent Soap Manufacturing Company.


Zaurak Soaps are Very Rare Products,Because it is Prepared/Manufactured by Using only Pure Coconut Oil,Custer Oil,Palm Kernel Oil, it is Healthy Product for your Smooth Skin!, And our Glycerin Soap have Pour Glycerin and ISO Propyl,So your Skin have a Perfect Smoothness. And also Our Soap Contains Rare Perfumes.


It's Awesome & Very Interested



Zaurak Enterprises Prospectus
Its About Production And Distribution Agency
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Cosmetic Products

Our Company have Other Cosmetic Product such as Soap,Tooth-Paste,Hair Gel,

Skin Gel, Hair Grower, Shampoo, Body Lotion & Much More..



Transparent Soap

A Big Collection In  Transparent Soaps
A Big Collection In Transparent Soaps

Zaurak Soaps have Different Odor and Flavor. and We are using Only Natural oil. and Our Soaps are Multi Colored and Multi Flavored.

Tooth Paste

Our Tooth-Paste Contains Specialized Cancer Prevent, Since our Tooth-Paste Contains Rich Quantity of Cancer Preventing Substance. It helps to Prevent Cancer at 8.00 %.



Hair Gel

Our Hair Gel has an Unique Quality from Other Products, Wet-Looks,Sleek-Backs,Tight Ponytails or Spikes - No Hair Styling Move is too Challenging for Zaurak Professional Hair Gels.



Skin Gel

Our Skin Gel is a Skin Smoothing Agent and its Regular use will Improve your Skin's Smoothness and it Converts Dry Skin to Smooth.We use Rich Quantity of Glycerin.



Hair Grower

This Product has Less Chemical and Hair Growing Herbals.

Our Hair Grower have a Best Result, we have Neem, Aloe-Vera, Castor Oil Flavours.




Discover Zaurak Professional's Expertise in Hair Care Shampoo with our Innovative and Vast Range of Hair Caring Shampoo.

Our shampoo have a Cleaner and Conditioner. It provide Best Result  at Thick and Shiny Hair for you. 



Body Lotion

We Have a  Body Lotions at Many More Flavour





We Use Rich Fragrance like Jasmine,AloeVera,Sandal,Lex,Rose,Chandrika,

Pears, Neem,Thulasi,Lemon Grass,Dove,Mint Flavour,New Pears,Lavender

Strawberry,always are Unique.



All Flavor Combinations are Available
All Flavor Combinations are Available